Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If It Ain't One Thing...

....it's damn sure another.

Got my L's back, car insured, working again. Except the money that I used to get my license back and my insurance was original for my light bill. Now if I don't come up with $400+ by Saturday, my shit is getting cut off. Hopefully I can sell this PS3 by then and get this 2nd job. I could finally setup the closest thing to a studio mic in my room with that extra income. I been fiending to record something. I got so much shit to get off my chest, I'm getting excited about it. I will have my project done one way or another. I need to get this done for personal reasons that's hard to explain in words....maybe the music will say it all. I think so.

"I make music for me, fuck what you like"-Eminem '98

JayBlayde.....soon to be just Gambitt....after I finish the project.


810 said...

times is tough

pasteljets said...

nep again.. the site is wearepasteljets.blogspot.com

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