Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pain In Stereo

Since November, this disorder of mine has been more active than what I would consider normal. It's difficult to control the output of your creativity when your in pain during most of those seems to curve in a certain direction, a certain sound. For the last few months I've been shelving those particular results, not sending them to anyone to record or even sharing w/ my circle of listeners.

This project is put together of beats that I've made in the past 4-5 months that were created while I was under some high level of pain from my muscle disorder. I'm taking a chance by release this project, mainly because it's 1/2 left-field as hell. If what they say is true about good music coming from the soul, well...I tried.

Gambitt - SoultapeLvL7 Pain In Stereo
Click Here To Download
Click Here To Download
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P.S. ...shoutout to everyone who's been showing support.....checking on me. I'm quiet as hell but I do appreciate y'all.


ZoNe said...

Bout to cop this right now homey! Keep going my dude!

T-Jay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gambitt said...

I hope you enjoy it my dude.

Eyesofphases said...

Downloading now

Anonymous said...

Props Gambitt!

Gambitt said...

Good look, y'all.

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