Sunday, September 23, 2012


....It's been....forever!... .....killing the reasons for my silence... soul....putting together another tape later as well...
Click Here To Download Click Here To Download Click Here To Download

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Missing Tapes Continued...

I'm not eve completely sure when I uploaded this on the net but it was never posted on the blogs, so for those who haven't caught it... Click Here To Download ...more on the way. Vocal projects are shaping up finally.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Missing Tapes

While I was going thru one of the heavy stages of my muscle problem, I did put together a few beat-tapes and "loosely" released them. So for those who may have been checking for them, here they are... Gambitt - SoultapeLvLZer0: QE2 (BEAT-TAPE) Click Here To Download

Monday, April 30, 2012

"Over My Universe..."

The music has been coming together. Gearing up for the projects...finally. "Medicated EP" will more than likely be the 1st one, here's a track I recently released from that project... Soundcloud link, Downloadable... ...trying to regain the people who believed in the 1st place. The music is here.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

All That Waiting Shit Is Over, Man.

The warmer it gets, the better I feel. Music has been flowing good.

The new site is still coming. Early May the latest...the projects....closer than u may think.

DL Link for mp3. back in 2 weeks or sooner.

Friday, February 10, 2012

5AM Update...

For the people who like my music, I apologize once again for my lack of releases and internet absence. I can at least offer an update on what's going down.

The Old & Currently Leaving

My muscle disorder (whatever it is officially or un-officially) has gotten no better.
It's always worst in the winter but last year I didn't get much of a break between seasons. I've tried a few different meds' and far nothing is working. What's worst is I'm suffering from heavy depression.

When I create my music, that usually handles my depression or anything that bothers me, period. But with the pain being as frequent as it is thru-out my entire body (....I actually miss when only my arms, thigh muscles and right shoulder only burned), it's hard to be creative when some part of your body is burning on the inside out...I hate the pulse ones. (The "burning-like-pain" feeling comes in and out to the pattern of my heart-beat)

Writing my songs is a struggle. It all involves pain. I can drop a project right this second completely filled with painful recordings and depression. I don't want to spread that...I want to spread out soulful hippie music...or 420 music. Just music with soul in general. A honest pain song is good for occasions, but not an entire 12-tracks or so project of them.

The only thing that hasn't completely stopped is my beat-making. Though, it has slowed down a lot compared to my old routine. I'm use to making 2-3 beats a day, if not a little more depending on the vibes or the project. Now, it's completely random. I'm lucky if I can make 1 beat a day now.

Sadly to say, it looks like the weed is the only thing that keeps the little creation that is happening....and I don't like that. Granted, I've made certain beats that I fell in love w/ while smacked, but I've also made more than a few gems sober. Then to add to that, I'm not one of those "get high and rap" artists....I've tried more than a few times to write and record while smacked. I come off so ignorant that I may as well write for Wiz Kahlifa...or however you spell his name. If it was important, I would of simply googled it.

The New & In Progress
I'm trying to figure out my next move in doing something about the pain. I'm not for medical-test that cause pain. I have a fear of electrocution and one of the test involves that. I backed out the last appointment...during that appointment I was in heavy pain and the thought of more pain made me have an "episode". Might have to go back to the Vicodin route...standard pain relievers were/are not an option.

On the depression note, I am self aware....which is a good thing, actually doing things to help. I've cut down my smoking to 2 blunts a day. One for when I wake up in pain if needed, one after work or before I go to sleep to help ignore the pain while trying to go to sleep. Hopefully this will also bring my tolerance down. Lately, I've been needing the top-shelf heavy grade just to catch a buzz. Mid-grade hasn't been a option for 5 years now, so no. I'm not messing with low-grade, just too use to the high-grade.

Changes at home...won't speak on that until it happens but I'm excited. Big changes work for me for some reason. Or maybe I just really want this one and specially at this time. It also benefits my recording (my original Danger Room VA will be online again). I also get the chance to help out with my mother and her home on a full basis. I'm looking forward to this change. That and I want to help my mother to be a bit more happier. I hate what she has had to deal with. Both from life and what I've brought to the table. And me hiding in the shadows of my pain and depression hasn't help anything as well.

......spent an hour and some change typing this and it ain't even 1/2 of what I have to get off my chest. Maybe I'll add a continue tomorrow after work. back.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Go Here For More Beats & Such...

For those who may not know, I do have an soundcloud account. Click Here

I mainly use it to release beats that I don't care much for or ones I'm unsure about to see what responses I get. Also I throw up a chop & screw mix I've done every so often a long with other songs by artists that have used my production. If your an artist that needs soul-like beats, visit my page or check the beat-tapes. All I ask for is credit.

Artists that have reached out to me, do not take it personal If I don't or haven't been talkative. I've been really anti-social every since my muscle disorder has gotten as bad as it did 5 years ago. But I'm working on it.

Here's a beat I threw on there a few weeks ago. It's available...If you lace it up, send me the mp3. Please, good mixing is a must if you send me a track back.

O.G. Style (O.G. Kush Session No.3) by Gambitt4Aces

Didn't Completely Waste 2011 Pt.1

While I didn't do what I intended to do far as my vocal/lyrical project releases this year, I did manage to put in work on the production side. See, with making beats...I can do that whenever, however I'm feeling. But writing and recording...I have to be at least in a peaceful mood rather the depression mood that lingers over my head in the state of VA(see;last post).

Anyway, through the different med-treatments and pain & depression relapses of this year, I did knock out a few beats that were worth picking up by other artists.

*Yung Nate
I've liked Nate's many different flows since I 1st heard him on a Charles Hamilton project in 2008. I've supported the guy on the internet for about 2 years, and during that time the homie accepted a few beats.
Now, I'mma keep it real in these next few lines. Yung Nate's style has changed from what I was diggin' originally and a lot of what he do doesn't match my style of least that's my opinion. 'Nate can black on a lot of my stuff...but the ones I hear him blacking on, he doesn't usually pick. 'Nate is on that cali-feel-good-clean-sound type music.....while I'm on my deep-gritty-soul-'96-99-music Downfall to different vibes of creativity but understandable and respectable. That's still the homie and he is good-peoples a long with being talented. I once told 'Nate, "just thank me in the album creds, that's all I need." He replies..." you can't eat a thank you my g.">
Even though he hasn't released many of the tracks, he has laced a few of my productions. Here's one that was released 2 months ago.

Yung Nate - Its Whatever (Prod.Gambitt) by Gambitt4Aces be continued.

Where's The Music?

...sitting. multiple folders.
...surrounded by circuits and circuits of megabytes.


...not the question.


...after the sound is perfected...which isn't much longer (in between work and pain moments...which has increased again. It usually does when it gets colder.)

A co-worker-turned-good-friend (shout out to Wade) is moving to Rocklin, California and has offered me to come along and chip in on the home w/ his long time friend. It would be great for my music and my muscle disorder.
*Music ...I truly believe the core source of my depression besides the pain, is me living in Manassas, Virginia. I've had some of the worst things happen to me hear and I have a special type of hatred for the people here. I know the power behind the word hatred and I don't use it loosely. When I went on my short vacation to Louisiana last month, the second I got back home in VA and walked in the house, I started uncontrollably crying. Not something I like to admit as it can be took as a sign of weakness...but it is what it is, that's what happen.
When I was in ATL last winter, the music was cranking at a high output rate and writing/recording became fun. Soon as I moved back to VA, it stopped.
*Pain ...all I'm saying is I will be in the best place to relieve my body and mind from pain when I need to. Medical card, my friends hehe.

No offense to my mother because she's been there for me when I've giving her reason not to w/ my anger responses and what have you. But I need to find a life for myself where I can be at least a little happy and I don't feel like decisions are forced on me. I feel like there is a big dark cloud over me when I'm in Virginia.

Va or Cali...still going to finish out this EP. Hold on' y'all.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Charged By Soul 0.5

Should I even bother to explain the disappearing act? A year that I claimed early on, that it would be mine along w/ a flood of EP's, projects and what have you. It always resorts back to the same answer/excuse. Muscle pain, stacked under heavy depression.
So he's back again (this "Gambitt" guy)...what's different.

A rebound from depression, a stop to anti-depressant medicine that were making my situation even worst. A visit back home to Louisiana that gave me a bit of my sanity back. Confidence in the music I crafted while m.i.a.

I ain't saying what I'm gonna do, just hold on.

#Shout out to Gee-Wiz and Signif. Good people, real good people. Also, never a dull moment w/ them two.

Be back w/ more shit to air out.

Domain name on the way...

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