Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Alleged Lovers

"Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence."-H. L. Mencken

True if you think of it.
When "in love" your mind reacts different compared to how you would normally carry yourself when your single...or just not at that stage with that certain some one.

One thing that gets me is when these "lovers" who are actually "lusters" go completely nuts on Valentine's Day. If your truly in love, there shouldn't be a difference in the way you treat your lover on that certain day compared to all the other previous days. What? love him or her extra because it's V-Day?

No I'm not single so open-mind-haters you can stop right there.
I'm just calling a spade a spade.


Anonymous said...

Its all in personal interests like this one girl i know was going on and on about valentines day..and im like so fucking what its another day ehh whatever but that is true though when u in "love" or at least infuated u do act diff ..i'll never understand "love" or any of that garbage

Juny said...

The rational and logical are shown for the facade they posture. In fact, they are idiosyncratic emotions seeking excuses and rationales of justification.

The Lover-lusters are part of the charade, the exhibitionists spectrum of love, even of their interests go no further than being unable to keep their hands off eachother, with little further interests. And all apart of the cultural mania of illusions and self-delusions of our (logical) madness.

Gambitt said...

"the cultural mania of illusions and self-delusions of our (logical) madness."

The subject that I'm still taking apart today. But most get offended when I attempt to. Thank you for dropping that comment.

@Eccentric Saint
...on the real...I don't know if it is to be understood....but I dare to do the impossible...for the fact it's "consider" impossible. Gotta love being an Aries, I tell you.

Little Miss Knobody said...

I totally agree with you. V-day s definitely always hyped up a little too much...

Juny said...

Knock down, penetrate or violate the facade and the nakedness exposed will run for the cover of another delusion or submit to its desired destiny

Juny said...

Except for those who comprehend and practice emotional foreplay, the rest think that the "switch" can turn on the engines of hot lust, and dripping wet desire after weeks and months of negligent underminings

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