Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mastering The Art Of Jazz

Lately I been doing some digital-crate-digging in the Smooth-Jazz and Trance genres. I'm picky about all my music but real picky when it comes to Jazz artists. So far Paul Hardcastle hasn't disappointed me.

He's a English composer and musician, specialising in synthesizers and has a mass amount of music projects ranging from 1984 into the recent months. I've just counted 25 projects that I know of. I've been really zoning into the The Jazzmasters series.

Here's one of the tracks from the "Desire" album that was released this year. One of my favorites....I sampled it but I haven't finished the beat yet...feels like something is missing from it. Ah well, it'll hit me sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

Dope post! "Rainforest" is my shit by Paul Hardcastle, but this is nice though!

Gambitt said...

/\ agreed big homie. I'm still finding gems from him. Sampled 3 joints so far. One of them I flipped twice lol.

Little Miss Knobody said...

Where has this been all my life!?? Very dope! Thanks for putting me on!

Gambitt said...

lol glad I can help.

ZoNe said...

I gotta DL this. This shit is helping me think as I post on my blog. Good looks

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