Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adidas Could Of Had Jordan??

Could you even imagine an Adidas's Jordan shoe?
Not all.

I still don't think even if Adidas pulled Jordan that the shoes would of made as big of an impact as Nike has done for them.
Besides them being Jordan's shoe...the Jordan line with its many designs are just incredible and trend sitting far as designs and looks for basketball kicks.
Not all of them are great looking for most of them catch your eyes. Adidas make some "aiight" kicks but there design don't touch the Nike/Jordan signature looks.

Michael said a quote that caught my attention.
"The word "If" should never be in the dictionary because you'll never see the flip side of that"

I like that
::stores in mental frame::

Shoutout and Happy Birthday to the homegirl Jessenia.(
Hope you had fun ma'.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


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