Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still Missing Aaliyah...

I still miss her and her music...she is one of the greats of her time.

Working on my Aaliyah-based sample-slash-tribute.
It will be on my next beat project.

BTW..."SoultapeLvL2: Zero Tearz, Maximum Pain." has been cancelled.....but something else is on the way. I'll post the update in alittle while.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Little Miss Knobody said...

That's a beautiful picture! I miss her music too. She was sexy w/out being trashy.

Jessenia said...

greatly missed. def looking forward to the mix, let us know when its released

Gambitt said...

@ Little Miss Knobody
-Your absolutely right.

-I will ma', coming real soon.

C. Araujo said...

She was so beautiful, RIP <3

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