Monday, June 29, 2009

Soultape Level file version

I didn't know until recently that a rar file is different from a zip file, so below are both the zip file and the rar file because I got a few people telling me they couldn't open it.

Zip File
Click Here

RAR File
Click Here

Hit me up folks with some feedback. Still trying to decide if there will even be a Level 2.

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


Repryx said...

u cnt have level one without level 10....tht shit was fave?

ROAD 2 ILLUSION!!!!!!!!!~~~

Anyhow Second best is EWGF

Anonymous said...

I'm downloading right now :D

Little Miss Knobody said...

Good Stuff!!! Interstate 420 is pobably my favorite....Good riding music. Road 2 Illusion is hot too though.

I'm lovin' it Gambitt!!

Gambitt said...

^^^thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

justin said...

wattup bad 4 the late feedback but i think these beats r dope..old friend from '96 and Soul Medicine were my favorite...and a level 2 would be niice btw lol

Gambitt said...

^^^Thanks homie and check your e-mail. We gotta politic more about that music.

Cyph3r Blaz3 said...

hey i really like what you did with the soul of a machine. Is that jimi hendrix ? Anyways this has dope written all over it !

Gambitt said...

^^^Yes sir, it is Hendrix's "Machine Gun" thats in the sample. Thanks for the feedback homie.

Cyph3r Blaz3 said...

No problem, deff need to drop that lvl 2 ! Mind if i rap over some of these beats ?

Gambitt said...

^^^not at all my dude, feel free to. That's why I put it out. Just gave credit if you put'em out on the web, thats all.

LvL2 will becoming after I finish up a few projects that I'm been asked to be involved in. Looks like to be a nice summer for music.

Anonymous said...

i downloaded that day the .rar and it said i couldnt open it

im downloading the .zip one now

i aint forgot about my ppl!!!


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