Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update On Soultape #1

I might actually have this finished by the weekend at the rate that I'm going. Its coming out real good. Messed around and found some type of EQ adjuster that I can use for my instrumentals so they can sound damn near close to studio quality.
Wished I would of found this out before I sent that one beat to Yung Nate.

Anyway, need to make an "tag" for the mix but that's not a problem. Only 4 beats that I previously made will be on the "Soultape" but they have been ran thru the EQ treatment and now they sound brand new. I feel like I'm about to be on some J Dilla shit....hah, I wish.

Speaking of, I think "Jay Stay Paid" (new J Dilla album for those that don't know) comes out next week. I been waiting on that. Coppin',asap.
Need to seriously step my blog game up and follow a few more people & hopefully they will do the same. I want as many people as I can to check this soultape of mine. The one thing about this project, it is truly a soul project. All the beats have soul or inspired by an sample that's soulful. I want to upload some previews of the project but I'm going to just wait until I finish it.

Changed the blog as you can see. Is it better or worst? I'm kinda undecided. But the previous sky-blue wasn't fitting me. Red is my favorite color but there is such thing as too much of a good thing.

Pain killers must of just kicked in, feel tired. I'll get @ ya'll.

::Leaves Kinetic Card::


Anonymous said...

I think the layout is fine. The other one was ok too :D

can't wait to check out the Soultape :D

Anonymous said...

OMG! have i heard of Tru 2 Da Game?!

"Tru 2 da game/Tru 2 da game/ain't nothin changed but my bank account/Im still the same!"

I had that CD back in 97...13 in the 7th grade. AHH memories of that double disc CD. OK i need to go download it now LOL

it was some other jammers on there too but i remmeber that tru 2 da game was my favorite song :D

Anonymous said...

The sky blue was dope....

Mabye you should try green and see what that looks like....

Anyway what beat did u send to Nate??

Is it already on the blog??

What program(s) are u using(music wise)??

Sorry for all the

Definetly gonna spread the word about this project....


aaronValentine said...

Send me a beat bro! I'd love to get on one of your tapes. I'd do it justice I promise hahaha. get at me. You on facebook? if your are, you can get to mine from my blog...

JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

^^^look for me on AIM, I got you added.

-Good.....when you get a chance listen to disc 1 just one good time to jog your memory and I will have something on the project that you will me.

-check your comments my dude, I answered your questions on there.

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