Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drunk Driving Police Officer Kills Woman(smh)

An off-duty NYPD police officer is accused of driving drunk and killing a woman after striking her with his vehicle and leaving her for dead.

Officer Andrew Kelly was arrested after mowing down Vionique Valnord as she left a wedding early Sunday morning. Witnesses and friends of the victim say Valnord was trying to hail a taxi when Kelly's Jeep rammed into her at close to 45 mph.

One of the witnesses, Richard Augustin, described the scene to The New York Post saying:

“I saw her body in the air, flipping and twisting, and I heard it hit the ground.”

She later died of her injuries at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn.

At least two other passengers were in Kelly's car and are accused of fleeing the scene as well. Investigators believe the passengers were all drinking and fled the scene seconds after the collision. One of the passengers was another off-duty officer as well.

Police Commissioner, Raymond Kelly, confirmed the suspicions of drunk driving to reporters saying:

“The officers who responded to that accident detected a smell of alcohol on the driver's breath.”

Police on the scene also report that his speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot red and watery. Kelly refused to take a breathalyzer test and investigators were forced to issue a warrant to draw his blood. He was freed on $20,000 bail after being arraigned.

Vionique's father and pastor of Church of God in Brooklyn, Varius Valnord, expressed his grief to The Post saying:

“I feel sad, very sad. That is my only daughter. My daughter is a very nice young woman; she is very sweet. I miss my daughter. This is not the way it should happen.”

I need to do some research...on the yearly events of police-officers...well....fucking up. Because I'm convinced that 2009 has been the most out-of-line year for events that officers have been slipping up. Rather it be the new-stories or the traffic-stop footage of them assaulting "us"...not gonna lie, even other races....not just African-Americans and Hispanics but I've seen some of the Caucasians brothers & sisters catch some un-called for actions against them.

So who or what am I saying is the enemy?....the abuse of power behind the badge and the wrong people wearing it. It's way pass color and race when it's the subject of swain.

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C. Araujo said...

Police officers SUCK, the end. August 14th, a friend of mine was doing a wheelie on his motorcycle when a cop PURPOSELY ran him over. Not only that, but the cop got out of the car, looked under at my friend (who's body was shaking severely under the police SUV) and then got back in the car and reversed, killing him. Cops think just because they're the law they can break it, smh.

Gambitt said...

/\Are you serious?!
I am so sorry for your lost, that is horrible.

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