Sunday, December 6, 2009

...Still Here...4 Better Or Worst...

....long time no blog...a lot to catch up to...

1st off, Walmart decided to give me there greatest treatment to royally fucking me over and firing me for allegedly failing the 90 day employment-probation-period due to not following requested instructions. Meaning I refused when asked to go outside and push carts. I'm a cashier...that's the position I applied and was hired for.

For anyone who is not aware, I have a muscle I cannot do any heavy lifting or pushing. When I do my muscles feel like they're setting them self's on fire from the inside of my skin. I have days with no work or effort and my arms, legs, shoulders will just randomly go in pain. It's hard for me to hide when something is physically bothering face says it all.

So, on days that I'm feeling pain free I didn't mind going to push carts...a chance to get outside for a minute and move around...cause it hurts just standing behind the register for a few hours. But days when I'm having one of my pain-days...I can't...I've tried at a previous job and dropped an 42 inch LCD tv while in pain.
So on the 3rd time of me saying no to one of the CSM's, I was brought into the management office for "termination", in there words. I disputed the hell out of that course of action to the personnel-staff. According to them, every Walmart employee has to be able to do all job functions or request regardless of position assigned. Then what the fuck is the point of having job-positions? Also, according to the "Training Booklet" I have to have medical documentation of my disorder from my current doctor in order to be passed as in having to preform certain job tasks...such as pushing carts. I have no health insurance so I have no current doctor...which is what I was working towards being at Walmart.

To add-on to what happen before this random act of fuckary, I haven't received my check from last pay period neither. Walmart has supposedly stop doing the whole paper-check thing to save money...whatever. So they will either perform the direct-deposit to your bank-account or if you don't have an bank-account they will give you a Visa-debit-Walmart Card and your checks will go directly to that card. I went on to Walmart's "The Wire" service which is on Walmart's intranet server and activated the card and completed the setup. I have received nothing and was told that my check will arrive on my card the next pay period. Supposedly, I didn't activate my card soon enough for the process to link to my last pay-period. But I activated the account the day the card was given to me......yea......aiight.

Not completely job-less. The only good news....the beat-site I spoke of awhile back is up and ready....
Click Here if you, friends, family or whoever are in need of great quality yet cheap beats...visit the site. The styles of beats vary and more are being added asap so check us out.

Music Update?...projects, projects and more projects. Have no clue on what's getting finished 1st but it's coming.


Back on my blogger shit.....

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


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