Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where's The Music?

...sitting. multiple folders.
...surrounded by circuits and circuits of megabytes.


...not the question.


...after the sound is perfected...which isn't much longer (in between work and pain moments...which has increased again. It usually does when it gets colder.)

A co-worker-turned-good-friend (shout out to Wade) is moving to Rocklin, California and has offered me to come along and chip in on the home w/ his long time friend. It would be great for my music and my muscle disorder.
*Music ...I truly believe the core source of my depression besides the pain, is me living in Manassas, Virginia. I've had some of the worst things happen to me hear and I have a special type of hatred for the people here. I know the power behind the word hatred and I don't use it loosely. When I went on my short vacation to Louisiana last month, the second I got back home in VA and walked in the house, I started uncontrollably crying. Not something I like to admit as it can be took as a sign of weakness...but it is what it is, that's what happen.
When I was in ATL last winter, the music was cranking at a high output rate and writing/recording became fun. Soon as I moved back to VA, it stopped.
*Pain ...all I'm saying is I will be in the best place to relieve my body and mind from pain when I need to. Medical card, my friends hehe.

No offense to my mother because she's been there for me when I've giving her reason not to w/ my anger responses and what have you. But I need to find a life for myself where I can be at least a little happy and I don't feel like decisions are forced on me. I feel like there is a big dark cloud over me when I'm in Virginia.

Va or Cali...still going to finish out this EP. Hold on' y'all.


jbrewking said...

no hurry on the music take your time if needed just worry bout health over the sure we all can wait (impatiently) but still no hurry just do what you can also ill be looking forward to the new stuff

Gambitt said...

Thanks, my dude.

It'll be released before you know it.
Just glad people still want to hear it after all this time. Thanks again, man.

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