Saturday, December 3, 2011

Go Here For More Beats & Such...

For those who may not know, I do have an soundcloud account. Click Here

I mainly use it to release beats that I don't care much for or ones I'm unsure about to see what responses I get. Also I throw up a chop & screw mix I've done every so often a long with other songs by artists that have used my production. If your an artist that needs soul-like beats, visit my page or check the beat-tapes. All I ask for is credit.

Artists that have reached out to me, do not take it personal If I don't or haven't been talkative. I've been really anti-social every since my muscle disorder has gotten as bad as it did 5 years ago. But I'm working on it.

Here's a beat I threw on there a few weeks ago. It's available...If you lace it up, send me the mp3. Please, good mixing is a must if you send me a track back.

O.G. Style (O.G. Kush Session No.3) by Gambitt4Aces


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