Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Charged By Soul 0.5

Should I even bother to explain the disappearing act? A year that I claimed early on, that it would be mine along w/ a flood of EP's, projects and what have you. It always resorts back to the same answer/excuse. Muscle pain, stacked under heavy depression.
So he's back again (this "Gambitt" guy)...what's different.

A rebound from depression, a stop to anti-depressant medicine that were making my situation even worst. A visit back home to Louisiana that gave me a bit of my sanity back. Confidence in the music I crafted while m.i.a.

I ain't saying what I'm gonna do, just hold on.

#Shout out to Gee-Wiz and Signif. Good people, real good people. Also, never a dull moment w/ them two.

Be back w/ more shit to air out.

Domain name on the way...



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