Saturday, December 3, 2011

Didn't Completely Waste 2011 Pt.1

While I didn't do what I intended to do far as my vocal/lyrical project releases this year, I did manage to put in work on the production side. See, with making beats...I can do that whenever, however I'm feeling. But writing and recording...I have to be at least in a peaceful mood rather the depression mood that lingers over my head in the state of VA(see;last post).

Anyway, through the different med-treatments and pain & depression relapses of this year, I did knock out a few beats that were worth picking up by other artists.

*Yung Nate
I've liked Nate's many different flows since I 1st heard him on a Charles Hamilton project in 2008. I've supported the guy on the internet for about 2 years, and during that time the homie accepted a few beats.
Now, I'mma keep it real in these next few lines. Yung Nate's style has changed from what I was diggin' originally and a lot of what he do doesn't match my style of least that's my opinion. 'Nate can black on a lot of my stuff...but the ones I hear him blacking on, he doesn't usually pick. 'Nate is on that cali-feel-good-clean-sound type music.....while I'm on my deep-gritty-soul-'96-99-music Downfall to different vibes of creativity but understandable and respectable. That's still the homie and he is good-peoples a long with being talented. I once told 'Nate, "just thank me in the album creds, that's all I need." He replies..." you can't eat a thank you my g.">
Even though he hasn't released many of the tracks, he has laced a few of my productions. Here's one that was released 2 months ago.

Yung Nate - Its Whatever (Prod.Gambitt) by Gambitt4Aces be continued.


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