Saturday, March 21, 2009

Better Days Are Here

My lights are still on...yeaaaa!! Aww man, I thought it was about to go down but we managed to get the bill payed. Got the 2nd job...should be able to purchase this home studio mix that I found in a few weeks or so. Need to pay a few other things 1st but I'm getting it. I need this. I really need to get some things off my chest. I been holding in so much that I feel like something inside me is charging up and could explode at the wrong time. Hense..the name Gambitt. Comic book head might understand what that mean and I will explain it more when I finish up some actual songs instead of my instrumentals.

Speaking of instrumentals, I've gotten so much better. There is only one instrumental that I've uploaded that I will use for my project(It Is What It Wasn't). The others were practice at sampling so nah.

Catching hate already. From some of my own peoples. Saying shit like "you really think your going to blow up off this". I don't remember ever saying that I was even trying to get sign in the 1st place. I mean it would be nice to get a fan base and get something like an independant deal but far as like a big major label. Nah, I'm no where in a zone to deal with that. Folks getting a head of them selfs. I'm doing this more for personal healing and satifaction. Gotta roll real quick, I'll politic more late on. Peace



Anonymous said...

LOVING your blog dude!! :D take care

pasteljets said...

yo. checked yor blog out and the beat was nice. my name is neptoonjune and im tryin to make music but no studio, just writing poems and posting lil art peices that i make on the paint program(exprissionism,surrealism,abstract) so just pass by an check out and follow if you fuck wit it...nep..outtie

pasteljets said...

oh yea.. the site is

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