Monday, March 30, 2009

Quarter Life Crisis

Next Sunday I will turn 24....fuckin' great......not really.
I'm going to try to visit my homegirl in North Carolina(Shout out to Diamond if your reading this). Do something different other than smoking myself stupid like I do on days that are not as special.

I don't know but I'm ready to go.
To get the hell outta VA. I think I really need to leave and the main reason is that I'm getting myself stuck here more and more each year. And there is really nothing here. The only thing that is keeping me from leaving right now is this townhouse. If I leave than my room mates are gonna be short. But if my homeboy finds a job soon then I'm leaving.

Where? Only got one option. Back to Louisiana.
I would like to move somewhere else but that's the only place that I've have a few people that wouldn't mind taking me in until I get setup on my own. And that's the only place I've been invited to come start over again. Anything is better than northern Virginia. I think I'll be better off music wise if I left also. This place continues to "blow mine" when I'm trying to get in my creative zone.

Got some fresh instrumentals. Worried that if I share them, they might get jacked. Trust, there' that much better than the ones I've posted. I'm greedy with the ones I'm sitting on. I want to record something bad but I don't have the setup yet or the money for studio time. The one spot around here hits you with $150 an hour.
Not really doing that good to break $150 an hour.
Sucks that my creativity is limited due to money.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything! I'm going out to ATX this weekend so I am GLAD to be getting away from Houston! LOL

and I'll be 25 May 9 and wow..quarter life crisis for REAL!

take care and hmmm i should blog today lol


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