Thursday, March 12, 2009

Negatives/Positives...Hate To Take Both.

Been a eventful week to say the least. Both bad and good. I need another job asap. I can't even really afford to pay all my bills with this shit. With my half of mortgage, water, electric, damn titled loan for my car and insurance....this job just isn't doing it all.

They fucked around and cut my water off yesterday morning. Some how they managed to screw up my prepaid visa card and the money went BACK INTO THE CARD. How is that possible? Lairs! Then to make things more messed up, I didn't have enough money to renew my insurance on time and I have an SR-22 on my license. They suspended my shit the 1st chance they got and my ass got pulled last night. Got lucky, didn't really hit me with anything but I can't drive now. And I do deliveries for a yea....I can't work. So hopefully this check on Friday will be enough to get all this fix.

One thing I've learn from making instrumentals is that you can't get worst. No... really. Every time I finish an instrumental there is like 2 or 3 things that I will pick up that I didn't the 1st few times I've tried. My sampling is getting better. The amateur feel to the beats are starting to shed off.

"Goin In (Fight For U II)

Goin In.mp3 - Gambitt
One that I finished last night. It's part II because I took the background from the intro that I used from "Fight For U", the 1st one.

"Fight For You"

Fight For You.mp3 - Gambitt
If you never watched the 2nd season of "Afro Samaurai:Ressurrection" then you may not get the feel for this beat. Near the end of the movie/episode before the fight with the 3 child hood friends, which ever format you saw it, there's the original sample for this song.

Time to fill out some more applications and then back to my lab. I got a few ideas that I want to bring to life. Hit me up.

...and now a break brought to you by Swisher Sweets....the only blunt to "sweeten" your day. Hah.



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