Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hate To Say It But....

...being real doesn't pay off.

At least for me it doesn't.
I'm about one of the realist brother's from the south. I say that with no ego. I have self esteem issues if anything. I'll get into that if I ever become important.

Anyway, I tell you how it is. I don't sugar coat nothing for no one....some people that don't understand that and label me an asshole. Whatever....the world is so sensitive.

Point is, why other people can't be as straight as I am? I mean, you don't have to be as aggressive as I am but be real. Tell it how it is.

There's this girl that I'm going to leave her name out but we met though a mutual friend. We was cool at 1st for about a month or two. Now, we just don't get along. Honestly, I don't like her. I have my reasons but there are just somethings that you can't stand about a person. I mainly don't like her ignorance. She gets into drama over the smallest thing and smiles in your face but will talk shit behind your back. I caught her ass doing that on myspace.

She knows I don't like her but yet when I'm around she wants to be like we cool. Tells my boy to tell me she says "what up".

I'm like, look. Its no secret. I don't like a friend or nothing.
We don't get along.
We just don't.
So why bullshit?
Don't speak to me.
Why you putting on a front? Cause I know you don't like me neither.

That's like when you meet someone that you knew from back in the day but never really kicked it with that person and ya'll exchange never end up calling each other.

I'm telling you.
Let me get these instrumentals the way I want them.
Let me get my flow to where I'm a threat.
The content is here...except its not just poetry anymore.
I got my select few peoples that I will take care of when I can take care of myself.

The others that just want to smile in your face but don't fuck with you.....going to be some reality checks and sad faces. But they know we not cool like all.
So why bullshit?

But as real as I claim to keep it I still manage to magnetize the fake ones to my circles. Muthafuckaz keep sneaking in.



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