Thursday, April 9, 2009

4-5 From '85

That's gonna be the name of one of my projects.
4-5= April 5th
from '85 =year of 1985 birthday

Sunday was my birthday and it was pretty good. BBQ'd out back of the house, smoked alittle bit. Pretty nice and chilled day.
Been in pain kinda on and off. I have a muscle problem and sometimes I'm in pain all day. No cure, only gets worst with age. I'll explain more about it some other time.
Uploaded this instrumental, check it. I'm pretty happy where I am far as making beats goes. Just need to get the money for this little homemade studio that I'm going to try to put together. It won't be easy but it beats paying $180-$200 an hour for studio time. Any local cats around my area (DC/B-more/northern va) that like my beats hit me up. I'll give you charge. I'm just for the music right now.

New instrumental.
"Soul Serious"

Soul Serious.mp3 - Gambitt


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!! I like the title too that's dope :D

my bday coming up may 9!!

pasteljets said...

yoda. thanks from neptoon. preciate the attentionto the my blog... keep checking it out...outtie

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