Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soul Of A Machine Gun

I think I'm going to go in on this idea after all. Got the motivation to begin on my Jimi Hendrix beat project. Being that I cannot record yet (fuck!!) its going to have to be an instrumental project.

Oh I forgot, I ran into my boy K.D. that I use to work at a job with and he was recording. Said he could pull me to a few of his spots that he goes to and we'll swap ideas while he's showing me the things that I haven't pick up on my own yet. So my Jimi project (pause) might actually end up being my 1st recording project as well. Not what I wanted as my 1st entry to the world cause my original idea was for a dark feel to I guess maybe to say it in words "kill off the JayBlayde label", the learner, the victim & introduce Gambitt...the music, the pain, the redemption. I have a crazy world that I'm locked in I guess. Care to see what's inside?

"Soul Of A Machine Gun" is the title for the project, 8 to 10 instrumentals/songs sampled from Jimi Hendrix songs. I'm a big Hendrix fan. I basically grew up listening to him thru my pops. That's all he blast when he would blaze a joint....yea pops is a pot head. Had to get it from somewhere and that's from the old man himself. He will be proud of this when I complete it...maybe even Jimi himself...RIP.

At work....all day. Finally learn how to blog from the cell. Might drop another entry in a few.

::Leaves Kinetic Card::


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