Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Fail into a zone when I was making this beat. Some of my favorite relaxing times is when I had a nice car worth cruzin' in(I miss my Integra and my Cutlass), and grab some riding music and blaze a sweet. Night riding, cell phone off and just thinkin about.....nothing that I would normally think of sitting around. Can't wait to get another whip this summer. The fuckin "whodue" is about to submit sooner or later.
Anyone that digs my beats get @ me. Trying to get some of these recorded on by anyone who could do them justice. I'm out for the night.

Interstate 420 - Gambitt

::Leaves Kinetic Card::


Anonymous said...

What's good? thanks for the birthday wishes :D and yea...about the smoking; i was getting burned out on it i duno but the stuff i have now [midgrade] is pretty good :D i duno i guess i dont want to smoke as much *shrug* but its all good tho....just slowing down a little

holla back and i LOVE riding around with the music on and blazing [i dont do it often] but it does help and turning the cellie off [yeah] :D

Anonymous said...

Man that beat is nice....nothing more i can say its just dope....

JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

^^thanks for the feedback my dude.

Smitty said...

We should do a mixtape/project
b4 da end of the year

AIM: smittycoolmusic

hit me up

Joe Cool

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