Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Want These....

...wish I could find some company that will flip some headphones like these, they are so throwed!! My Skullcandy headphones are the truth though. I slept on them for awhile and then during an emergency session I needed some fresh head.......phones (I couldn't help it, in one of my rare good moods) and my boy let me cop 'em for a nice discount.

Speaking of music, I'm thinking about just putting out some soultapes. What in the hell is a soultape you ask? Soulful like instrumentals or beats organized to a certain tone or mood and put into one single project(mixtape for some). So I guess its my spin on how some producers make beat discs of there work and hand them out to certain artists. Most if not all my beats are soulful....like deep soul. You'll be surprised where I dig up these songs that I sample.

Thinking about copping some exotic green....yea, that sounds good for a boring Tuesday. I'll politic alittle later on here.

::Leaves Kinetic Card::


Anonymous said...

I have some Boost Mobile headphones I bought from Urban Outfitters [$52.00] I have the light/pastel pink ones [bottom left on link]


they go so HARD! you can use them on your cellie and have a plug for stereo use. You should cop 'em! ONLY headphones I wear when jamming my mp3 player [unless Im working out and I have some shit I took from my J LMAO]

holla and say, you were supposed to CALL me!


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