Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Said I Wouldn't Do It Again...

but I hustle..."
Shout out to Yung Nate. Give me an update on that track my dude. Can't wait to hear how it came out.

Hard times are bringing back old options. I'm really not trying to go back on that road. Not trying to be age 24 hustlin', when I already was age 16 hustlin'. The focus is to move forward not backwards. I'll be happy when I get 1 out of these 2 interviews done Friday for a new job. Then time for the new whip/recording equipment/etc.

The same so-called friends that where like on some "nah, your beats are too different, leave it alone." are on some " ohh, nobody never did that before" type 'ish now.
It's quiet for them niggaz.

Shout out to thehoustongirl and aaronValentine for showin luv.
Its hard out here for a fault, that wasn't necessary lol

aaronValentine, let me know what you think of the beats my dude.

Bout to fumer(french:to smoke something) this swisha and fall into my self created illusion of a false reality.
Well....who is to say this reality isn't false but true to what it was suppose to represent.

::Leaves Kinetic Card::


pasteljets said...

yo preciate the looks... man
glad u liked the tunes... and as for the "hustling issue" just keep doing what ur doing and "he'll" align everything. so dnt gravitate towards the hustle cuz even if its temporary it could leave to permanent conseq.


pasteljets said...

and oh yea and i like that soul of a machine gun...niggas only remember purplehaze and his "star mangled banner" lol. but yea machine gun is one of my favs. to

(i am a feedback fed fan)


JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

^^^word, most of the people I played that beat for never even heard "Machine Gun" before.\
.....good looks on the feedback my dude.

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