Thursday, May 28, 2009

Second Update On Soultape #1/ Conflicts Of Belonging

Second Update On Soultape #1
Its getting close. I should be mixing the layout of the project by Sunday or Monday.
I've notice a change in my focus since working on this. Maybe because I'm still looking for a new job or maybe that I'm really finding my zone.

A week ago, I would maybe make a beat every few days or whenever I would fall into a zone. The longest I went without making a beat was for two weeks cause I was bent on getting new kits and shit. Since last weekend, I find myself making a beat a day. Not even really as in forcing myself to make a beat a day but now I'm putting those ideas I had into play. I tell you this....the feeling you get when you take something from your mind and bring it out of your imagination to the real world....fucking epic!

Conflicts Of Belonging
One thing I been battling with when I make my music is.....where does it belong?
I'm born and raise from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So, we have mostly southern music of course with southern beats. Well, to say it like this, my beats aren't exactly those southern-soak style instrumentals that's mostly known from the south. I actually had some one that was surprised to hear that I was from the south and this is how my instrumentals sound. To further myself into doubt, I can't even really think of too many southern artists that would flow on my shit....well, maybe Z-Ro, I could see him on a few of them.....maybe even T-Rock, depends though. I would love to make back-home style beats for my hometown folks but I wouldn't be true to my art. I just don't know how to go about it. But, sometimes my southern-style shows when not expected (EX: "Summer Smoke" on Soultape #1, check for that when I drop it to get an idea of what I'm saying)

But then the south I grew up around blues, Jazz, old skool R&B. Those three elements can be heard from day to day all out of Louisiana as much as brand new radio commercial music, dead azz.(Why soon as that thought hit me the damn "Candy Licker" song popped in my head? Anyone remember who made that? I want to sample it). So maybe indirectly I am making southern music. One thing I'm positive about, it is hip-hop I'm making.

Bout to go borrow my boy's Zune and take a walk....maybe harass a few people about a job and zone out. Can't drive cause the Buick is shot.....fucker. My boy Bel' is supposed to bring this 300zx for me to push in July so I can chill for that. Get at me ya'll and be safe.

::Leaves Kinetic Card::


precyse said...

yooo foorreal like i been listnin to ur beats nd they r def my style...future collab?...=] ...hit me baq homie

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