Friday, May 29, 2009

3rd Soultape Update:illusionVisitsfromLegends/Screw Hamilton (Pause)

6:20am...two blunts and a few hits from the magic-dragon(glass piece) of AK-47 (Good look my dude, you know who you are) and "Never Had A Friend Like Me" from 2Pac started to play on the playlist from the computer. Well sort of.....none of the lyrics were the same. Instead I was know, I don't even feel right about finishing this. My fault....

Screw Hamilton(Pause)

Charles Hamilton - Honesty Box (Chopped & Screwed)

My homeboy back home lol...shit, sorry. anyway. He asked me to do this for him. He's a big screw head. I am too but I left the art of it alone. This will be the last screw mix I do. And at 1st this one was done live and I was mad rusty. I love the sound and I will bang me some Screw (Pause) in the whip with them 12's knockin' alarms off every block you heard me. Just with a screwtape alone turns my system into Kingkong Vs. Godzilla in the trunk. What Jeezy said? "Trunk sound like it got a marching band in it". Specially that "All Day In Tha Tre" screwtape (Thank you houstongirl:kiss:).

I had put out 7 chopped & screwed mixtapes of my own in a series called Tippin' & Swervin', Slowed & Bladed Mixez (Hence the name JayBlayde,formerly Lil Blayde,young shit lol I became Gambitt in my awaking years,long story).
That's not including a few special ones I did.
A complete chopped & screwed Jay-Z disc
a T.I. version
a B.G. version
a Max Minelli version
Best Of No Limit version
a 2pac version
I remixed Handy's Rap Hustlin' R.I.P. my dude you was Baton Rouge's best
I started on a Nas one but my computer crashed and I lost all the tracked that I did mixed. It killed it for me cause they was off the wall epic.
So yea I knocked out a few....then my "awaking year" which was when I just turn 23, starting seeing shit for what it really was. Mind went into over driving far as thinking. Had gotten control of it I'm pass a few broken bars of thinking that alot people are afraid of. By the way, I'm high right now if you didn't get that from 5645354234 sentences ago. How the fuck are you? Whatever.
Ok....I like totally forgot where I was going with this lmao! Shit. Don't you hate that? Like, It was something I was trying to point out, hold up. Let me re-read this.....

Ok,...umm. I left the chop and screw art alone cause I kinda felt that I wanted to do more far as being creative. Then, I finally cracked down on some FL Studio and forced myself to figure out. Few months later I made one of the most horribles to ever grace speakers beats ever to be compose, I killed the glory when I gave birth to that shit.

As you can see, practice does work. One thing I was told and it ended up being true. With every beat you can not get worst, some how you only get better with each one.

@precyse,@ aaronValentine...
I'mma send ya'll something after I complete this soultape project. I feel like I need to complete this to show and set myself at certain standard. Sort of like I'm proving something to myself. Or....I just die for the need be proud of something finally, far as creativity.

I also got some news last night, bout a beat of mine....I can't really say much about it because the project that its going to be own hasn't even been spoken on yet. BUT....keep your eyes on
Oh and the...
Gambitt - Soultape#1:Charged Up(instrumental/beats project)
...will be appearing on a few other blogs also.....Demevolist related blogs.

::::Ragin Cajun Grin Appears::::
:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout! :D LOL

Ohh I'm at work on this lovely Saturday and I'm gonna update my shit today. Keep the music going! I LOVE "You Ain't never had a friend like me"

Check out the vids I saved on my youtube. [search for mzminiex...I'm not on my laptop..OR I'll send it to you later. I have that'Pac vid saved. Lots of good shit. OMG I can't believe you got on the gotdamn TWITTER?!?!?!?!?! I know I know I'm the only one that bashes it [its the devil] but its all good. I was recently freed of my Facebook addiction since 2005 [lol]



Smitty said...

Wassup Gambit
Damn like i said dats my favorite nigga 4rm X-Man
but its cool
Anyway wen u said @precyse
where u talkin bout Precyse (Tarble) 4rm Cool Musik??

Joe Cool

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