Wednesday, May 20, 2009

These are illmatic!

My homegirl from H-Town put me on to these (I'mma call you tonight ma', I'm sorry, things got hectic last night, I got you). The black ones are throwed. She said they sound nice but I gotta put them thru the test. That and hopefully there light weight. I get easy ass migraines thanks to this fibromyalgia shit that I have. Even if so $70 gotta go to other shit right now. Some of the other colors aren't bad neither but......not.....for......meeee.

Off Subject...
Going thru a few things now.....just trying to get back on my feet. Minor setback but what really fucked up is.....nevermind, I'mma fix that problem starting next month once I get myself back on the employment level and then I'll air it out on here. Got eyes, I forget. Silent but I know they peeping. Ain't it weird when you can read peoples reactions but they have no idea that you caught on? Its beautiful, I tell you. Not always fun of my current life status (but positive!) but I always love the unique control I have over my brain.

Peoples is quiet on there blogs lately...where ya'll at? Step yo blog game up lol I'll get at ya'll when I see the updates.

::Leaves Kinetic Card::


Anonymous said...

Close up of the headphones I have [except I have the light pink ones]

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