Thursday, May 7, 2009

Told Her To Puff My Magic Dragon...

she replies "What?! Are you serious? I can't believe your just gonna ask me like that". I reply "Just take it to the head". Her face turns angry until I pull this from behind my back....

....the mean grill turns into a smile with the eye-roll movement.
I mean, it wasn't like I was trying to say suck my dick or something....women.
::evil smirk appears::

I been lacking on the blog...need to step it up. I will. Bout to dig into these programs so I can find the pro-tools folder that I downloaded but never to the time to open. Need to make these beats sound louder and clearer when I send them out. I sent one of my beats to an artist and I made myself sick thinking "is it loud enough, is it clear enough, did I count the bars right?" all that over-worrying shit.
Ol'boy says he's gonna start working on it today. If he finish it up, that's all the motivation I need to kick into over drive with this. I'm not saying dude's name yet until I get the go from him to do whatever with the track after he finishes it.
Clue? of his songs is in the playlist on my imeen player to the right of the blog. Back to the lab, get at me ya'll.

::Leaves Kinetic Card::


Anonymous said...

That pipe look CLEAN! I have a bong and a pipe but its NOTHING like having a Sweet [or Dutch as they say up North LOL]

did u read my latest entry? and ol boy..NO MORE! *sigh* i keeps it moving :D


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