Monday, May 25, 2009

Night, Rain, & Pain/ Soultape #1 Coming Soon

Night, Rain, & PainEQSETUP.mp3 - Gambitt

I'm going to put out an series of projects of mine called Soultapes. Project full of my beats but mixed as a mixtape. Its something serious and I'm already proud of how its starting out. This is one of the beats (Night, Rain, & Pain) that's going to be on the 1st project. Wait until how you see I'm going to mix the project. I used to do chopped & screwed mixtapes before beats, so I got some skills with these DJ programs and I'm going to flip something ill, ya dig. Its almost done.

Gambitt - Soultape #1:Charged Up (Coming Soon)

::Leaves Kinetic Card::



precyse said...

this shit right here is siccc ., u def got skillz...update me on the mixtape comin out..peace mengg

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