Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adding On 2 Motivation II (Words From Precyse)

precyse said...
first off -"Nigga, who samples the Transformer 2 score? This guy right here and that shit came out epic (Epic Inflictions"...dam nigga im apmed to hear this shit....

but yea..i like this post...u describe exactly how i feel about my music...that confidence is a major part of making good music...its times dudes like us start realizing what an asset we are to other peoples souls...i cant live without music and if the music dies....then...yea, we all fall down on some "we all " type shit lol....na but yea.,,,,honestly im anticipating your album more than ch's album ...deadass ma dude..keep doin it!!!....as for me...


LOL. peace ma dude

....comments like these throw me into over drive.
Props to my homie Precyse. I got some work for u after the project.
Nigga, watch! lol


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