Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Details About The "EWGF" Instrumental

Tekken has been my favorite fighting game since it 1st came out on Playstation 1 in 1994/1995. Its more than just the fighting itself but the story & concepts of there characters. Mainly my favorite...Kazuya Mishima, a fighter that was treated badly/roughly by his father as a child to make him stronger as his prodecessor. In doing so as a kid, his father threw him from a clift where he gained a huge scar across his chest. As the story is told from many resources when he was thrown from the clift, supposely he sold his soul to an evil spirit which is referred to as "Devil" in order to survive the death-throw his father had given to him. As he got older and the hate for his father grew, the "Devil Gene" inside him grows...almost as a split personality.

In Tekken 2 where Kazuya takes over his father's empire after the Tekken 1 tournament, he is now the "bad guy" in Tekken 2 and when u have to fight him...its hell to pay. His theme music is epic. Like P.A. said "when you heard the theme music, you knew it was time to lose".
Its epic in so many ways to fit him as a character, the fact that his is a serious problem to fight, his good or bad personality battles with the "Devil gene", his rise & fall as he is killed in Tekken 2(his is brought back to life in Tekken 4 by an company called G-Corp), the love for his girl Jun that he was involved with, the birth of his son "Jin", the pain. The feeling is in the entire theme song for his stage.

12 years later, give or take a few. I revisit the theme in getting hype for the new Tekken 6 thats coming out on 10/27/09. All the memories came back for the reason why I liked this character so much. So.....I sampled the theme from Tekken 2.
I cried while completeing this beat. It grabs ahold of me. My inside pains and emotion hit me all at once. I relate to this character in ways I can't explain but most is due to my inside pains (fibromayalga disorder) that grows worst and worst by each year that causes me to be....pretty evil in lessor words, pissed at the world/everyone. My original "stage name" was to be Kazuya when I was younger, but Gambitt fits more to my character. Not just because of where he's from, I'll get into more detail about the Gambitt thing in a near future post.

So the final beat at the end of the tracklisting will be "EWGF"(Tekken2's Kazuya/D.Kazuya theme sampled).

"EWGF" stands for "Eletric Wind God Fist", one of his hardest & most vicious moves. "EWGF" is hard because its about timing. You have to hit the down/forwad d-pad at the right timing before/while hitting the left-punch button in motion of the dash. It takes practice...even years. Only about 2 years ago I learned how to do it on command. If u don't, u will get an standard version of the move with less impact. You'll know it when u perform it correctly.....I miss pissing people off with that move. The juggles from this move that u can do are infamous and hard hitting.

There will be an "EWGFPt.2" soon....mainly because in Tekken 2 there are two versions of Kazuya's theme. The acrade version & the arranged console version. I did the original arcade version but I will do the arranged version soon cause both are epic.

More details about the project coming soon.

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