Monday, June 29, 2009

America's F#!K Ups 'O9:GrandPa Goin 2 Hell

Being that I'm always finding news or video of major dumb/fucked up/idoit shit going on in American in the year of 2009, I'mma just keep posting it under "America's F#!K Ups 'O9". Is it just me or this year has been the year of stupidness from our people of America?

A grand father shoots his grand son for dropping a watermelon.
Ay....where this nigga at, I'll air his shit out with a canon cause he got to go.
I'm already in a bad mood but seeing this shit....ooooo!!!!

::charges up a blank cd-r disc, throws it and watches it explode on impact::

....I gotta go,peace.

PS....Download "SoultapeLvL1" if you haven't already....if you have, get @ me.

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


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