Thursday, June 18, 2009

Silently Here...Not So Silent Next Month.

Smoothing out the project. Covering all my angles that I want to cover.
I will release it sometime after July 8th.
Reason why? There is something coming out near or on that date and it might have a beat of mine on it. If it doesn't I want to include that beat on my project.
Not really trying to go into much detail on that until I'm 100% sure. But that beat means alot to me and I want it to be heard one way or another. So my project will play as that certain instrumental's back-up release.

Other small updates...

Ran into a cat I went to high school with for a sort period. He was doing his thing back then far as rapping. We got to politicking on old times and showed him what I been up to. We had a pretty deep music convo. Digged one of the beats from the project so I let him get that one in advance. He'll do it some serious justice. I'll post it up as soon as I get it back when he touches down back home.
Check my dude out.I think he took the old music down but he told me he's gonna re-up on new shit soon. The man is very picky about what he wants to be heard from his music. I respect that.

Speaking of my folks, my man's Precyse has been actin' a beast lately.
Check' him out at
And if u do make sure you download this one joint of his. Fuck it, here's the link to that as well.
Precyse - Limitations

P.A., Smitty, I got ya'll. Sorry for being M.I.A. for a few days.
Precyse, I still got you homie. Just know that.

Aiight, bout to see what these ideas end up being like. Get @ me music lovers.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


pasteljets said...

yo wat up... jus browsin ya blog... i see u working... keep creating....

and oh yea u say that being different is in... well born different is destiny... it transcends arrogance and confidence its like dying its inevitable...outtie


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