Saturday, June 13, 2009

Looking Forward To This...

As jacked from
"The project will reportedly continue where Joey's Padded Room concept left off.

Following the critical and commercial acclaim of the Padded Room, Joe Budden is back to release The Great Escape. The album is a completion to the concept trilogy, which includes Halfway House and Padded Room, in which Budden finally finds salvation and freedom from a sense of confinement that had been pervading his life and career. The Great Escape is set to be one of the rapper's best efforts yet, with features from several established producers and artists, marking a change from Joe Budden's usual formula. (Press Release)
In preparation for the project, Budden will also drop a prelude project next month.

Amalgam Digital and Joe Budden will make waves this summer by releasing the digital-only album, Escape Route, as a prelude to The Great Escape. This digital-only prelude will give fans a taste of what to expect from Budden's third studio effort, and it will be released July 2009 exclusively on (Hip Hop Press)

Last year I was going thru some things. It was heavy, damn near went psycho. I won't go into detail cause alot of shit went down that I'm not proud of.
Joe Budden's "Mood Muzik 3" and "Halfway House" got me thru the pain. Yung Nate & Charles Hamilton's music helped me rebuild myself to who I am today....with relapse visits back to the "Halfway House" album for adjustments. I'm copping Joey's new shit, dead azz. Along with the Slaughter House album. I feel like I owe it to him as well for my own enjoyment. Same goes for anything that Yung Nate and C.Hamilton releases.

If you never checked out the "Halfway House", you should. Going thru some things? Let that disc ride in full play. One of my favorites from Joe Budden ("The Padded Room" is ill too but "Halfway House" came out at the perfect time for my issues so me and that album have a bond.)


Anonymous said...

i def fux wit joey...anticpating any of his/CHs products

Repryx said...

I just got outta surgery hit me up

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