Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hip Hop + Anime = Epic!!

I been in and out of the anime scene back in the day and now-a-day times.
I was never the "DragonBall Z fanboy", I can't stand DragonBall Z to be honest. Just a bit too much for me. When that was out I was into the "Street Fighter II,The Series" anime. Not that american cartoon that came out, the anime one. With all the cursing and blood. I don't think it ever aired on tv in America but when the DVD's came out I copped all of them. Then I faded out of anime until a few more Street Fighters came out and then I found "Bleach", "Afro Samurai" which is still my current favorite, "Death Note" and now "Samurai Champloo".

I love the animes that involves Hip-Hop (i.e.:Afro Samurai & Samurai Champloo), those are the illest ones in my opinion. I def. need to cop the 'Champloo dvd. I was planning on sampling the ending credits to Samurai Champloo for the "SoultapeLvL1" project but other ideas over came that one but I still will get it done soon as I have my full plan for it.

The aftermath & results of "SoultapeLvL1".....I will make a post about that soon. Still waiting for a bit more feedback and the two more blog plugs for it that are on the way ::grins:: Just enjoying having lights again....oh and yea my power had got cut off but I'll explain that bullshit later.

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


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