Monday, July 6, 2009

One Week Later...

The Support/Feedback
Shout out to everyone that give me feedback both on and off the internet.

*Yung Nate, Woody, and Precyse for posting the project on there blogs
*Precyse for the crazy support, I got u cuz.
*Woody, for just being coo and giving me props about the project, he actually digged it.
*Yung Nate for putting up with my early amauter work lol, thanx my dude.
*P.A., Justin Allen (Jae Alz), Joe Cool, Little Miss Knobody. thehoustongirl, Cyph3r Blaz3, everyone who visits the blog.

The After Effects
During the week I let the project go I pretty much chilled with music to focus more about finding a new job. I just gotta wait until the car gets here than I can go back to my old job so thats good.

Part of me taking a break from music last week was because my lights had got cut off but everything is coo now, got the power back in the same week.
Managed to actually smoke a blunt or two for the 1st time in awhile with how rough things been. I feel more relaxed and eager to get back into creating.

With that being said this is what's going down.

*P.A. is starting his "Mary Jane"(Spider Man's Mary Jane....not my "Mary Jane" lol) project and I'm putting in my work to help him and I think its gonna come out epic. Ol'boy is real serious and deep about how he's crafting. It will def. be something to check out. I completed one beat for him this weekend sampling....well, I won't expose that much yet but trust me, its throwed. So most of my time will be into adding my touch to P.A.'s project.

*In between P.A.'s project I'mma crank out a beat or two for the boy Precyse and the one MJ sample beat that I'm suppose to give to Joe Cool. I had done it way before he passed but I lost it. Both the FL file and the mp3 export so I gotta redo it. Normally I'll be pissed but that was my 2nd serious beat originally so knowing what I know now it should come out awhole lot better.

*After I clear P.A.'s project, I want to try and build a project for my boy Justin(Jae Alz) and see what happens. He's one of those cats that you can see and hear his passion for music when you meet him. I got crazy respect for dude.

*SoultapeLvL2 is coming.
I have samples reserved for that and it will be a bit deeper, thats all I can really give u about that for now. But it basically will pick up where the "EWGF" beat left off from.

I'll blog alittle more later, bout to put in some more work. Get 2 me ya'll. I'm out 'chea.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Anonymous said...

so funny

Cyph3r Blaz3 said...

Really looking forward to the next project. Deff fckin with this soultape shit for awhile !

Gambitt said...

^^^thanx my dude. Got alot of more shit to zone to in the very near future.

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