Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Original 1st Luv...

Don't get me wrong, I've always loved music. But before I could create it I loved cars....specially street-racing when I was younger. Meet My 1st love.

My 1999 Acura Integra GS-R
Had this when I was 19...this car fitted me perfectly and I had held it down for about 4 years until I got screwed out of a job and I couldn't keep up the maintenance on it. The funny thing was it never gave me a problem until I lost that job. Then the cat.converter in the exhaust fucked up, follow by suspension & shocks, then the engine head, clutch and finally the transmission. I had no money to even begin fixing it so I sold it and bought a Civic that lasted one weekend before the transmission actual FELL OUT of the car. That murdered my street-racing zone for awhile.

2006 Scion xB
Normally this isn't my style of vehicle lol...I prefer old school slabs(like my 1986 Cutlass Supreme that I don't have pics oh smh) or rides like my Integra above.
But my mom's made a deal that I couldn't turn down being that I needed a car. She's a car head also...she loves those weird cars that stand out from others. Like the xB when it 1st came out. She even has a club, Scion Evolution, that she is the President of in the NOVA chapter of the group. So being that she had a tricked out Scion ...oh, here's a pic of her tricked out ride while I'm at it...

Turbo-charged, nitrous, system, air-bag suspension..u name it,she had it.
Anyway, easy to see I had to catch up a bit with the "Evil Twin" version of her's. No major engine work...being it has the areo-dynamics of a brick....but I looked at it as a nice boombox. Six Matt Pro Audio 10 inch subs, two amps, two LCD HD 15 inch screens in the back with Pioneer DVD player. This is when I was rolling with a audio shop called Car Audio Outlet with my homeboy before it closed April of last year.

Now the present/future...

1990 Nissan 300zx
It was bad enough when "Top Gear"...a British car show that focus strictly on fast cars....had a episode when they took all the generations of the Nissan Z and had one big race with all the cars line up side by side and the 300zx pulls & smokes all of them...stock, mind you(followed by a 1980's z280) and also the last model 350z got smoked by the 300....stock.
But my 300zx isn't your regular 300zx. The reason why its in the shop is because where putting the JDM engine and transmission including the ECU chip(the Japanese version before they de-powered it into the American versions which are the ones here, even the twin turbo ones) and it will be fully tuned with the exception of nitrous....just all motor. Its estimated to make out to 400 horsepower...give or take a few. This is gonna be one bad muthafucka to play with. Did I mention this is the twin-turbo JDM engine?
Thanx to my boy from back in the day Belco ....whoI might add is still salty over the L he took when I had the playing homie, I owe u for this....he included me in this to be OUR project car. Now due to recent news it will be fully my car after he cops his G35( thanx my dude, not too many people will hook up a car with you and then give it to you for a major discount...specially a car that still goes for $10,000+ on or off the market. You know you have my loyalty forever since we was kids)

So yea....week after next I will be terrorizing the streets.....and not in no little 4 cylinder this time...a V6 from hell and on steroids

I am happy with both of my and fast cars.

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


Olivia said...

nice FIRST car!!!
ur moms tricked her car out nice! never heard a mom do that so she mustt rly kewl!

Gambitt said...

^^^mom's is off the chain. I have one of the coolest mothers, period.

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