Friday, July 10, 2009

Signs Of A Ill Summer Pt.2/Project Info

My boy P.A. and I are currently working on his project entitled "Mary Jane:Maybe Later,But Not Tonight". We've been strictly working on the beats this whole week and what we've came up with so far has been mind blowing.

The 1st promo single should be released by July 20th according to P.A., which is produced by me. The is a trunk/summer banger. It's radio friendly even. You'll be surprised what I sampled to get it to sound like it does but I'm quiet on that until its release. But I took an R&B song(that is currently in heavy play on the radio.Hint:The artist name starts with a J and he is a male artist) and made it go hard.

On another note while in my part of the making of the project far as beat wise I hope to get the inspiration to step up on a song with P.A., if I fit any of his ideas for a feature. I really want to take the next step. My folks that have heard me flow or freestyle in the past are telling me "nigga quit bullshitting and go in".
I'm confident in myself on my ability....just nervous as shit. Its different flowing infront of people that your tight with than to go in the booth.....scared of the booth, type of wack shit that is, right? I guess its just like that 1st time gettin....nevermind lmao.

And on some other real shit, P.A. is finding his zone while making his own beats. So I feel like I gotta step up where he is. He can perform in the booth and outside while making beats. I gotta be able to do both as well before I become.....not so useful anymore. I got these beats when it comes to that, like thats my master form. P.A. mastered form is flowing....but now he's gettin ill with these beats and I know what I can do far as flowing and writing...just haven't stepped up yet.

That has to change....asap.
Matter of fact....I'mma start writing and posting my work soon.

P.A. did give me some good advice about this a few weeks ago...
"Just Be Gambitt"

Check P.A.'s blog for more detailed info about the project. Its not gonna be your average project. Take the game from me on that one.

"Mary Jane:Maybe Later,But Not Tonight" should be out by September 11th.

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


ArtistDFuture said...

been watchn wat u do on your blog..n its real shit...get at tryin 2 DL ...dat mixtape of urs..but cant...i tried both megaupload..and zshare and cant get it???...get at me if u cn help!!!

Gambitt said...

I'mma re-check the megaupload joint but far as I know its still str8.
Thanx for checkin the blog and I'm tryin my dude,ya know.
Props on your blog also, I peeps thru.

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