Thursday, July 9, 2009

Enter Justin Allen(Jae Alz)...

I had a few folks ask or mention about my dude Justin(Jae Alz...the cat at the end of my SoultapeLvL1 project, on the "4 Ace Assassin" beat) when they heard my project.
So I'm about to put those who asked on to ol'boy's music which is ill.

This isn't your everyday rapper... he has substance, passion and he can flow with the best. If I "HAD" to compare this dude to anyone to give u an idea in general how he sounds......if you mixed a gumbo pot of some Lupe and Fabolous, you will get a "close" imitation to Justin Allen.....notice I said close imitation because he is his own. Meaning, he's not the next "this rapper" or "that rapper", he is the 1st him. Listen for yourself and see if you vibe with the music like I do. Here are a few of his catch up....

Justin Allen(Jae Alz) - The Loser (2004)

Justin Allen(Jae Alz) - On Air (2007)

Justin Allen(Jae Alz) - Jackmove (2008)

Justin Allen(Jae Alz)- Songs About Girls (2009)

...after P.A. and I finish his project, I'mma try to get one with Justin. Fully produced by me. So keep eyes out for that info in a few weeks or sooner.
Mean while get to know my boy. Here's his links while I'm at it.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


aaronValentine said...

That's whats up. I STILL haven't got a chance to listen to the soultape yet (I apologize bro!) I've been real busy with work and school and as you can tell I haven't been blogging let alone getting on the net that much at all. But I'ma check it out and check this dude. When I get a chance I'll get with you on aim or something and we can chat about a track or two on your next or a future project. Aight man I just want to holla at u real quick...

Gambitt said...

^^^4-sho my dude. We can do that. Politic with ya later on.

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