Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My City (smh)

This is one of the very few reasons I don't miss Baton Rouge. I miss my city in so many ways but this is far from one of them. Bad thing is my grandmoms and pops still stay there and not in the safe part neither...the few parts that are safe.
It would be a dream if this music shit would to black into something big and I can get them out of there. Nothing is impossible.

'O4 Throw-back Pic. My custom airbrushed Louisiana shirt.
The bottom of it says "Swamp Ni99a"...smh, me back in my ignorant days of immaturity.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


aaronValentine said...

man I wish them niggas and niggas all over the country would get out of them ignorant days now....

but on a side note that fit was real hot 5 years ago wasn't it lol..I just threw some clothes out I had that was 2 sizes too big that I never even got to wear cuz I got out that ignorant stage lol

Sophie said...

i like ur blog ill follow u if u follow me

Gambitt said...

"but on a side note that fit was real hot 5 years ago wasn't it lol.."
-aww...that wasn't right....u cold blooded lmao I was 18/19 fuck it.

K3Y K3Y said...

that video is just soo ignorant. all those people in that video i hope they get a life changing expierence to do better.

Another thing is I hope you can get your grandparents to the betta side of town.I grew up in a bad town put there was the country side and the ghetto/hood side. So i lived on the better side in the country with my grandparents but the only bad thing is I had to go to school with both sides.which mean many fights and to much stuff going on to concentrate lol.

But i moved to stay with my mom. and now im going to a better school get better grades.and all my family still stay down there and look out for each other. so everything worked out. :) and I hope yours do too

aaronValentine said...

I was wearin the same shit homie lol don't trip

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