Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Am Gambitt / Preview Of "SoultapeLvL2"

Most people would say I side with the X-Men character Gambit strictly because him and I are both Cajun/Creole and we're both from Louisiana. It isn't that simple even though I wish it was.

Gambit has the mutant power to kinetically charge objects with a touch or straight forward eye-slight of an object. Inside of him is kinetic-energy building up which if he doesn't keep down to a certain balance he runs with a possibility of exploding and killing not only himself but the people around him. The balance is kept by releasing kinetic energy through outward charges.

Myself...I have pain that builds up. Psychical pain all through out my muscles. Its an muscle disorder call Fibromyalgia. It is a medically unexplained syndrome characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened and painful response to pressure. I've dealt with this since my early memories as a child. At times when this pain builds up I feel as if I'm about to a rage. A rage to be painless again and a rage to set fire to anyone near me while in pain...meaning I want to be left alone while in intense pain. So I kinda indirectly take it out on people who don't take to my warning that I need to be alone while having one of my more painful moments.

In the same way that Gambit from the X-Men comics releases charges to keep from exploding by kinetic build-up....I release music to vent out my pain from within...mainly psychical but even emotional. I charge up my pain and release it through my beats.

Early this week I had one of my more painful attacks. Usually when I have one of my pain attacks its one or two parts of my body that's hurting. It feels like my muscles are on fire from the inside out. This time is was my entire right arm, in between my right shoulder to my neck, my left thigh muscle, my lower left side of my back and the center of my chest all felt like they were on fire at once. Instead of laying down in pain and trying to move as less as possible which is what I would do normally, I forced myself on to FL Studio 9 and proceeded to make the following beat that you will find at the bottom of this post. I feel as if I transformed my pain into sound format and it screamed into the beat. It's a half-sample...meaning I found a 5 second clip that was in a drum-kit pack that I downloaded, took the piano melody and added my own melody while chopping in completely new melodies...and I turned the piano into an guitar with the new Hardcore filter in FL Studio 9. In other words I did what I felt. I was in tears of pain while doing it but I did it and completed it. This is what was made...

This is the official preview of "SoultapeLvL2:Play The Hand I Was Dealt"...

Electrical Tearz - Gambitt

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


aaronValentine said...

Dude.....this beat is fuckin retarded!!!!!

I'm glad you finally told us why "Gambitt" and all and I see now that that's the perfect alias for you. but that shit is dope! I'm gonna write somethin to this... I let ya know

Anonymous said...

reading this felt like i was watchin a movie deadass like....seemed like ur slo rise to gaining that name started young..idk if tht made sense but sorta like a bio like that wolverine movie tht came out...

that beat is illl...piano to guitar conversion = flawless victory... peacee manggg

Gambitt said...

Good look on the feedback fellas.
Much appreciated.

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