Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Just Isn't Cool

Just because you old doesn't give you a pass to handle things whatever way you want?
I dead ass wish I was there. I'd speared the shit out of him ::pause::
Slapping a 2 year old...fuck is wrong with you. And a random 2 year old at Walmart.
Apparently Walmart is where the old folks go hard.
smh already know the label for this one...

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


K3Y K3Y said...

Wtf!!!! Man he got some problems on the real what is wrong wit that man. He is soo lucky that it wasn't the wal-mart around my parts of town. Cuz I truely belive they woulda killed him. Not saying that would be right but thats how some people are ova here. I just hope the man get some help and go to jail lol.

...But on the good note...yo page is off the chain I havnt been on blogger in a bit after school started lol to busy going to football games and making sure Im keeping up with my grades lol. Today though I didnt have to go to skool so i decided to see how sum of my fav. blogs are holdin up. N u still got it lol unlike me ova here

Woodlend said...

not cool. Please tell me he doesnt have any kids of his own b/cuz who knows how he could of treated them when they were little. yeah, if that wasnt even his, then imagine how he would treat his own?!

not cool.

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