Monday, September 7, 2009

I Gave U Power, I Take It Away (illusions)

This may appear insensitive...but for me to go into this with the angle I'm using, you will see it's not.

I care for certain people if they have issues with stress, depression, or love.
But then I look at them as if "you can fix this shit all in your thoughts".

Love, depression, loneliness is overrated. When your "in love" it fits the saying "your blinded by love" because you truly look at things differently. Not as much in detail to things outside of that love...or inside of it neither. Its a feeling. Physically your still the same though, just another way of seeing and interpreting life as it happens. Depression...your feeling down, the world around you feels negative, dark, black & white. Physically your still the same, just another way of seeing and interpreting life as it happens....again.
Loneliness...are we really alone period? Or do you just feel alone?

All these things fall into a subject that we all have the ability to control and I have one word to grant you that ability.


Charles Hamilton's skit at the end of the song "Reanna".
"...people will log on to simply because I've said it for the 4th time,
or because they don't want the illusion of being miserable"
Keywords:"the illusion of being miserable"

When your either "in love" or "in depression" things never appear the same when your in the opposite position. It's as if its an error in viewing.

An illusion is an error in perception such as an optical illusion or auditory illusion. An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Some illusions are based on general assumptions the brain makes during perception. The term illusion refers to a specific form of sensory distortion. Unlike a hallucination, which is a distortion in the absence of a stimulus, an illusion describes a misinterpretation of a true sensation.

Wouldn't you consider being depression or being in-love a true sensation?

Acknowledging this gives you the upper level of realizing that rather if your happy or feeling down, it only has as much effect or power as you give it. Your actually perfectly fine...its just how much you control you give the "illusion" to control you.

I've learn this in a way that not all people can...not saying I'm special, just a victim. I have Fibromyalgia, which is a medically unexplained syndrome characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened and painful response to pressure. There is no recognized cure for Fibromyalgia.
In other words, I'm damn near always in some type of pain. It feels like a fire is building up in my shoulders muscles, legs, arms and lower back. It's completely random. Some days its often, some days not at all.'s the one thing that I cannot control about myself. So when people come at me with "I feel depress about this or that", I look at them like "the fuck outta here, your perfectly fine, its all in your head". When I'm in pain....its not in my head, there's no control. When your depress or upset, there's options. You have some control if you exercising your brain to have it. Your mind is more powerful than what you might have given it credit for.

Views and opinions are welcomed.

::::Plays Nas's "I Gave U Power"::::

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Joshua said...

Yo that was deep bra I never looked at Love or depression that way. Love is a crazy thing. My cousin was hanging out with me and my father playing basketball every Sunday. He was pursuing this girl that he liked and once he got with her we haven't heard from his since. I guess he is in love and I am very happy for him but it's plenty stories like that. I'm going to pray for you my man and that your Fibromyalgia goes away I know that has to be crazy. Keep ya heap up bra.

Ps. I was just listening to I Gave You Power the other day. One of my favorite Hip Hop songs.

Smitty said...

Wassup Man
I feel yo entry or wateva but i beg 2 differ
things you say kinda make since
i use 2 think the same way about
love, lonliness,nd depression

that is until i fell into all 3
u might think since its an emotion that u can control it
mask it
or anyother thing

but jus like the random pain u feel
thats how those feelings r

i slip in and out of fits of depression at times
theres no way i can stop it
it comes along with out knowin

doctors are the one's that put a name on it nd tried 2 cure it
if they didnt people wouldn't kno wat depression was
it jus sneaks on u like dat

love can happen at anytime also
nd u dont really get blinded by love u jus put somebody else above u and do things u wouldn't normally do wen u r in love

nd lonliness
shid im lonely now
i can feel alone in a crowd full of people i kno

i mean the point im tryin 2 make is jus like yo pain that comes randomly nd is uncurable
feelings r the same

I am, yours sincerly,
The Poet

Anonymous said...

dude , i already reposted still got me thinkin bout this , i swear this is blowing my mind ...od ...
peace homie , get up wicha lata...

Gambitt said...

@ Smitty, I agree homie. Its just all in how you think about it and how much leverage you give it to effect you. I found that staring depression, loneliness, etc down is effective. That's all.

The "love being blind" thing though I sticks with that. Not on the level of putting that lover infront of everyone type thing. I've notice when I've fell out of love there were little clues hanging around that I didn't catch on to while in love that were obvious as hell. Rather if it was about that relationship or another situation.

But maybe I'm just an over rebellious Aries...that decided to rebel even against his own emotions. I did it in a hell of a method if so
::shrugs shoulders::

@ Joshua
what up homie, yea indeed that's one of my favorite Nas gems. And thanks for the comment about the disorder. ::props::

you already know, I just spoke with u a sec ago on AIM.

Anonymous said...

Cool shit; wanted to comment since I haven't in a loooong time and I JUST wrote a new blog post, so it ties in to what you said (haven't read this post prior to me posting) but its good to read this and yeah it is all a mind thing, but it DOES feel like its no way out and its 100 times more when you have no support system to talk to this about *sigh*


:D thehoustongirl

Joshua said...

Yo my man thanks for hitting my site. You had me thinking a lot about and etc. I hope through our blogs we can learn a lot from each other. Keep doin your thing im looking forward to the insight. Yo Homie Joshua.

matt1simmons said...

your blog is real dope and unique..
keep it up..
follow me..! thanks

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