Saturday, September 12, 2009

Update From The 4 Ace Assassin

Shout out to the boy P.A. for the Gambit shirt and the BBDD's(Beats By Dr Dre headphones, for those who don't know), that made my week.
The music has only been getting better, what more can I really say about that.
I feel as if I'm syncing more and more into my xone. My style is building into a detail sound....and I love it.

So much music but its kinda just sitting unfortunately.
The project that me and P.A. have been working on is still in progress but getting the man in the studio on the regular has been the issue as of late. Not has fault but the people who he has to go just seems as if it always something. But its being worked on so no big worries.

The man Justin Allen...well, I gotta keep quiet about that one but there's some music that will surface up. And from what I've heard....the nigga pretty much 1up himself. It'll be worth the hiatus, I can tell you that much.

"SoultapeLvL2" is being worked on at this point of time. This go around, I want to have it 50% instrumental, 50% artists flowing over my beats. Kinda level it out. P.A., Precyse and Justin Allen is a sure shot bet that they will be on the project. I'm sitting on two other names until I'm completely sure ::evil grin:: but it's looking good.

I'm also got another artist I want to get a few gems completed with. Check out the homie Al.N York ...the man is already a threat, I promise you that. I'm got my fingers crossed to have him apart of "SoultapeLvL2" also.

And for the hell of it, I'mma complete my "SoultapeX:Tekken Remixes" project for the release of my favorite video game Tekken 6 on Oct.27th. Basically I sampled a bunch of Tekken themes and flipped them.
:Fun Fact: "EWGF" beat that is on "SoultapeLvL1" is sampled from Kazuya's theme in Tekken 2:

Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback from the "SoultapeLvL1" project at the beginning and recently. I love when people tell me what they think of it...cause I'm my own worst critic with my music. Mainly cause "LvL1" shows my beginning zones...what I can do now "LvL1" does not properly represent it. It's sounds "dated" to me now but it's still a nice project.

I'll get @ ya'll...6am, need to take my ass to sleep.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


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