Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And "LvL1" Is Still Making Its Rounds...

For those who are new to me, a few months ago I released a beat-project called "SoultapeLvL1: Smoke, Music, Illusions". Some of the beats that are in the imeem-player to the right side of the blog on included on that project. All the beats are for free-use-creative purpose so if u got skills feel free to flow over the tracks and send them back to me.

Shoutouts to TheHipHopDaily website for supporting me. Check the link to there site for the download link.
Click Here

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


90'sMUSICLOVER said...

love the blog im following you! Your beats are off the chain too! I aint got no skills so i wont be rapping nothing. lol. I'm similar to you every song or album or artist are apart of my soul mostly 90's music as u can see my name. But yea i love music(& basketball) too, it just keeps me calm & help me think alot. But check out my blog if you get a chance! HOLLA AT YOUR GURL!!

90'sMUSICLOVER said...

LOL yea we have alot in common! Thanks for the comment that was really nice of you and for following that was even nicer! :)

Gambitt said...

I support the poeple that support me, ya know. And music tends to bring a certain level of people around.

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