Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inspired By The Best(Dillanized)

One of my most favorite Dilla beats along with many others is "Gobstoppers"from the "Donuts" LP. It's a small sample but it just has so much soul into it. Never fails to make head's nod regardless of the mood. Normally I wouldn't dare to try and sample something that Dilla has already sampled. But after hearing Charles Hamilton's version of "Gobstoppers" and to all of a sudden find the actual sample itself...I decided to follow the zone of my biggest inspiration producer. Below this is Dilla's "Gobstoppers" beat along with Hamilton's version called "Cable In The Class Room" and finally my version, "Secluded Transcripts 2 Dilla II".

Dilla-heads, let me know what ya'll think.

J Dilla - "Gobstoppers"

Charles Hamilton - Cable In The Class Room

Secluded Transcriptz 2 Dilla II - Gambitt

Rest In Peace, J-Dilla.
::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


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