Thursday, October 15, 2009

Justin Been Goin' In...

Here's two new recent gems from Justin Allen produced by me.
The 1st one entitled "Money(TheyPuttinOnAShow)" is from a beat I made early last summer. My opinion, the beat was a bit ahead of its time. The older it got the more I liked it. No samples on this one btw. Justin held it down for awhile until I pretty much forgot about it and then this cat comes with surprises he says lol, that's my dude right there. This has become one of my recent favorites.

Money (They puttin on a show) - Justin Allen(Prod.By Gambitt)

And then after he sent me the 1st track...I get this one called "Pick It Up". Another gem that Justin created, digging the energy that this one puts out. The beat that is used was for a contest that I entered on Once I sent it to Jae for an opinion...well...dude did more than give an opinion as obviously shown but that's whats up though.

Pick it up (Produced By Gambit) - Justin Allen

Check for more of Justin's recent music for download on his myspace page. He has a lot more that's dropping but I'll wait until he gives the word before I dump all the info.

More music on the in a few hours...maybe less.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


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