Thursday, October 15, 2009

Small Preview Of P.A.'s EP...

One of the 1st fresh-recorded tracks P.A. and I did last week. Here's the rough-mix version...meaning my rookie ass mixed it. Once I re-do the sample edits through Adobe Audition instead of using FL Studio 9's Edison, I'll send it to the homie Geoh(what up my dude) to get it mixed...properly this time.
The track well worth checking out as is, believe that.

DangerRoomAntics(Prod.Gambitt).mp3 - P.A.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Repryx said...

^_^ Yessirr

Smitty said...

Thats the way i used 2 do my samples wen i tried 2 make beats
keep doin ya thang Gambitt

and fuck wit ya boy on a beat or 10

I am,yours sincerely,
The Poet
Joe Cool

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