Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Broken Satellite:Concepts & Previews

After years of the silent rivalry between the pen and my self-confidence, I've finally built up enough confidence to make an vocal project. This could be my 1st & last vocal project far as rapping goes. I'm a producer/beatsmith 1st and at heart....but even back when I was 12 years old, I was always either writing or drawing.

The pic up above is the concept art I've done so far....opinions welcome.
Done 3 works and the was the last and the best in my view.

The "Broken Satellite" Title
One common thing I've notice with certain people...its either you understand what I'm saying or you don't at all. I have a weird/unique way of looking and taking in the world. When I come across a subject speaking out, most of the people I meet are rather lost in what I'm talking about or in the terms of how I put it. My mentality of thinking is in a high level...not as in being a know-it-all or extra smart. As in taking one thought...zoning in....making a billion other thoughts and theory's from one. Pleasantly-overthinking as one person had put it. So when I put out my thoughts/signals, a lot of people can't really translate what I'm sending out....sort of like a "broken satellite". But it's not that the satellite/me really broken or is the frequency set to a different level? Either way...being if I'm not understood or what I say isn't easy to fix in other words...its consider broken if there isn't a way of solving the problem...for some people anyway. I'm still broadcasting regardless.

Sound the importance to me. 70's soul or current soul...there will be both.
80% produced by me...the other 20%...inside my circle....P.A. or the homie J Storm.

Alicia Key's "Dreaming" has become my favorite song as of late.
I will have to do something with this.....

....back to the music ya'll......more on the way...

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


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