Friday, November 20, 2009

Cajun Chaos

I'm not normally a big Rihanna fan...after the last few days and the amount of anger I've been holding in, I finally found a sample to vent to. I was so heated earlier that I couldn't even make close to a good sounding beat...until I ran upon Rihanna's "Mad House" song. It's only an intro into her new CD...but an hell of an intro. So I turned the intro into something full.

Why I'm heated? It's dealing with my job and my muscle disorder. I got hired as a cashier at Walmart...but I always end up pushing carts the fuck does that work? And the CSM's think I'm not serious about the amount of pain I go thru. Standing still for hours is bad enough for my left thigh muscle and the center of my back....pushing carts just triples what was hurting and starts what wasn't hurting into hurting. For the pass 2 weeks every time I go to work near the middle of my shift I get taken off my register and told to go push carts. Mind you, we have cart-pushers. But for whatever reason every time I work there's either one or no cart pushers. I wouldn't bitch about it if I wasn't in pain while doing it. So when I say something I get yelled at with no respect. Nah...I told the guy today, don't you ever yell at me again. Talk to me how you want to be spoken to or we're going to have a problem. Also told him next time find someone else. We supposedly have 500 employees...get one of the other 499 employees to do it or get an actual cart-pusher employee. I applied for cashier for a reason instead of stock or cart pusher. I physically cannot bare it. Then after-wards, having to walk home doesn't help neither.

Whatever....back to the music.
I'm going to put up links to beats that I've made that are currently for sale.
I'll do it after I get some rest 1st.
But for ill beats there pretty cheap and the beat website should be up any day.

Cajun Choas.mp3 - Gambitt


Anonymous said...

*hugs Gambitt*

What's good my dude?! Dayum I just read your post and was speechless! ugh I knew there was a reason I never liked Wal Mart bitch ass. I ain't gone lie I go up there for three things ONLY:

1. Gas

2. [tobacco products]Swishers cheaper there (2/1.00 now)and Newports

3. Electronics (got my mp3 player from there...30GB for $150 but it was ONLINE ONLY deal. Them hoes....)

I'm so sorry that you have to go through that, but I was like HELL YEAH when you told dude not to talk to you that way. People get a little authority and just think they running shit. They really do that because they know you need your job just as much as they do. Fuck shitty ass people like that.

Stay up and I will have you in my thoughts more. :D

I mean I'd just quit that bitch, but naw just save up a little money and THEN quit that bitch! No one deserves a job at Wal Mart working around the customers(especially around holiday time...SHIT)

*on the cool they may have some sort of behind the scenes position like doing administrative or something. Just throwing something out there.

Good luck again! I really hate to see my folk down like that.


Gambitt said...

/\thank you for that.
I need to quit being anti-social and call you sometime. Sorry on that part. But thank you again and I'll talk to u soon. Promise!

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